Mini Meditations: Getting to that Good Life in Just a Minute

In life we find ourselves frequently talking about the things we want to do, but never get around to. For example that year old gym membership that is sucking life out of your bank account or the yoga studio you joined but never attend. We are going to start jogging. We are going to start painting, creating, lifting weights, meditating, eating healthy, volunteering, etc… But we just don’t. The things that feed our souls, are the very things we are best at neglecting. We are looking for the good life and we want it, like everything else, fast.

We may permit ourselves the occasional meditation or yoga retreat, but when we return home we have trouble integrating this new lifestyle. We say we don’t have time. We manage to find all these tasks that “need” to be completed and stop us from what we need to be doing. Immersions, retreats, vacations are wonderful things, but are not a lifestyle. Our lives are filled with minutes to spare. But if you have a minute, you have a minute to nourish yourself.

Immersions and retreats often add consistency to our healing routines. Without them we may feel confused on how to integrate the practice into our daily lives. And consistency is the very thing needed to make these self nourishing practices stick. Consistency is also considered one of the most important elements to self nourishment. Buddhist teachers tell us it’s okay to practice mindfulness for a short period of time every day. They also remind us that meditation is not just for those who can sit down for an hour a day, it’s for lying down, walking, knitting, hugging, kissing, loving, eating…I think you get the idea.

So here we go, let’s practice. For a minute a day just focus. Focus on your breath like your life depended on it. Just breath in and out. Notice everything about it. If you feel yourself betraying your breath, that’s okay, just bring yourself back. All is well you are still breathing.

If you are not the meditating type, that’s okay. Just remember to stop and smell that rose. Practice your favorite yoga asana for 10 minutes a day. If you are a foodie keep savoring your meals, but next time explore your meal without talking for the first half hour. You can lift weights for 10 minutes a day. Go for a nice walk and experience your steps.

Life is filled with moments to savour, we just don’t. Your good life is waiting for you, just give yourself that minute.

Enjoy your good life.